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2017-2018 SCHOOL YEAR

New Students

Public schools continue to crowd classrooms, adding more and more students per teacher. Due to budget cuts, our public school kindergarten hours are cut back. Class room size has once again gone back to unmanageable numbers. Edgewod PrePrimary Academy has a maximum limit of 15 students per teacher in Kindergarten.  All our  programs meet every weekday for a full academic day. Edgewood PrePrimary Academy offers a very positive kindergarten experience.  Our pre-primary and pre-kindergarten programs offer 2, 3 or 5 day per week programs with a limit of 12 students per class.  This allows our younger students the opportunity to be introduced to the classroom environment at the rate most appropriate for each individual. For more information, please use our Inquiry Form or see more options at Contact Us.

Summer Sessions 2017:
Please inquire about positions. Please use our Inquiry Form or see more options at Contact Us

Openings for current term/ immediate entry:
Mid-term admission is sometimes possible.  Occasionally, due to a family moving out of the area, etc., there are mid-term openings. Please contact us about possible mid-term positions/wait-listing. Please use our Inquiry Form or see more options at Contact Us.

Enrollment is limited and reaches capacity early!  Plan ahead!                                                               
Apply now for Summer 2017 and 2017-2018 Academic Year:
Will your child be between the ages of 2½ and 6 by June 2015, or September 2015? Reserve a position well in advance, in order to ensure admission. Returning students and their siblings will take many of the available places. New students should  apply as early as possible. Please use our Inquiry Form or see more options at Contact Us

Edgewood PrePrimary Academy maintains optimal student to teacher ratios, therefore enrollment positions fill one year or more in advance of each Fall Term. Please contact the school directly to inquire about placement. Your child's age and development will determine enrollment eligibility. Some students may begin pre-primary education at the Spring Term depending on space available.   Priority is given to continuing students and siblings of current/former students.