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2017-2018 SCHOOL YEAR

Our Philosophy
 We at Edgewood PrePrimary Academy believe, as do many educators and researchers, a child's early years are formative for development and learning. It has been suggested by some that as much as 70% of a child's total psychological and intellectual growth occurs between ages 3 and 6. If this estimation is only partially true, the importance of a quality preprimary experience cannot be overemphasized.
  We support the uniqueness of each child and his/her developmental growth. Our concern is with each child in all growth areas, social-emotional, cognitive, perceptual, and physical. We remain constantly aware that a child's development in each area of growth interacts with and depends on development in all other growth areas. Our staff is trained to recognize the importance of this interaction and to integrate this into each area of our program. We are particularly aware of developmental differences within each child, and provide for the individual child's needs in our curriculum.

Each child's experience background determines the starting point when he/she arrives at Edgewood PrePrimary Academy. Our curriculum is developed on a continuum which allows each child to progress at a personal pace. Each classroom is arranged to provide for abundant experimentation and discovery on the part of the young child. This independence is tempered and protected by our observant staff. Each child's progress is attentively recorded. Each individual child's development and progress toward self-discipline, self-direction, and enthusiasm for learning is carefully guided.

  Attitudes formed in early life are, for the most part, retained throughout life. At Edgewood PrePrimary Academy, we consider development of a positive self-concept prerequisite to learning. We provide experiences and relationships which will help to build a wholesome emotional framework for each child's lifetime.

  We believe each child will realize her/his greatest potential after experiencing frequent success in a cognitively clear, warm, loving, and positive environment. At Edgewood PrePrimary Academy, we are continually working to provide just such an environment for each precious child entrusted to our care. We feel this is best accomplished in individual classrooms of no more than 12 students. A classroom that is warm and inviting, safe and exciting and where each child feels loved and nurtured.